The 90’s Edit


Our 90’s Collector’s denim jacket, custom airbrushed with a New york skyline, is designed by celebrity designer Tony alamo. The back of the jacket is bedazzled with swarovski crystal rhinestones. We accessorized this treasure with a vintage oversized gold clip on hoop earring with a wire wrapped effect and Lion Head Sheild Sunglasses.

The 90's are back!  The styling and accessories of this fabulous era are coming back with a vengence and the accessories from the 90s give life to any modern ensemble. Vintage 90’s Designer brands like Versace, Chanel and Thierry Mugler have re-emerged as some of the most coveted fashion items available to the public. These collector items have been emerging and they are hot on the fashion trend charts.

Check out a few of our carefully curated 90s picks from golden era of hip hop....... denim, costume jewelry and oversized shades are a few of our favs at Camille design.

Our Tony Alamo airbrushed jean jackets have been spotted on celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Nikki Minaj (see pic below). They pair this collector jacket with accessories like jeans, white tanks and gold jewelry for a statement 90's look. These iconic 90s fashion staples add a fun and whimsical take on today's fashion trends. Shop the look today at camille design!

Miley Cyrus sporting a tony Alamo airbrushed ‘Beverly Hills’ jean jacket

Miley Cyrus sporting a tony Alamo airbrushed ‘Beverly Hills’ jean jacket